Shift | Unsplash | Slack – 3 Resources Our Team Uses Every Day!

By: Casey Spitnale | March 1, 2019

The day-to-day grind looks different for everyone. We all use different resources for our businesses and sharing the resources with others can open up doors. We wanted to share three resources that our team finds beneficial to our business!


A lot of you know about Slack, but some of you may not. It is a way to communicate throughout the office within an app. You’re able to open different channels (spaces to chat in) for any of the clients or projects that you’re working on, assign certain employees to certain channels, and message people privately. The ability to add in clients to channels can make client communication easier. Need feedback on an image? Just drag and drop into a channel and you’re good to go! Looking to send over some code to your dev partner? Create a snippet and copy and paste your code in! Slack is a communication life changer. Slack also has a downloadable app for your phone so that you can chat with anyone on your team on the go!


Another resource we use often, not only for ourselves, but for client work as well, is Unsplash. Unsplash is a free resource of high-quality images that you are able to download and use for anything you would like! You don’t need permission to use the image and you don’t need to credit the photographer or Unsplash however, it’s appreciated when you do give credit.


One additional resource we use is Shift. Shift is a downloadable app that all of your other apps nest in. For example, with my shift, I am logged into three separate emails, three separate Slack accounts, our HubSpot account, and a Trello account. All of these accounts just show up in a navigation bar to the left in the app and I am able to toggle between all of them. Shift cleans up my tabs when I’m working on the internet; having eight separate tabs open every day for email account, Slack account, and other applications I use is absurd. Shift has streamlined our workflow greatly and we would recommend it to others!

Do you use any of the resources that we use at Vesst? Are you in agreement with how helpful they can be? Are there additional resources you use that you think it’s about time we get hip to? We would love to hear your suggestions! Share them with us in the comments!