How Vesst Got Started

By: Casey Spitnale | March 1, 2019

The Early Days

I, Casey Spitnale, started my company with my best friend James Graves in 2010. Fresh out of college we wanted to build something together. Late nights, long weekends. We started with a passion to put sleep and hobbies aside and build a business together. After a few years, James took another path and I pursued the company full-time.

I built my company on a different path. I moved to a small town with a population of 165 and began to work. I didn’t want to be the grinding long-hour agency. I wanted to work in the country, give businesses the best deal possible, make contracts built on a handshake, and have a hands-on policy doing work.

The Vesst Difference

When owning a business, people say you have to be cutthroat. That stepping on others to achieve success, finding loopholes, billing high, and cutting deals were all part of the job, but I didn’t want to be that. I wanted my family to be the number one reason I started my business and the number one reason I work hard at it. Like Michael Scott said, “Business is the most personal thing in the world.” I believe that to be true. It’s the people that make a business and it’s the people that work together to make it successful.

Many of you have worked with me. You know my heart belongs to my family, but my business always belongs to you. When push came to shove, I had to put value in my family over a company name and we went through a name change. I hadn’t changed careers. I wasn’t looking for another path. I strived to and will continue to approach each day as a blessing. I get to work with you – making your goals real, your sales higher, and your business life less stressful. I had to let go of our old company name, but will keep the promise I made to myself and my clients years ago:

People over profit.


I am a son of a banker. I saw my dad shake hands. I saw him leave early in the morning to meet his clients before work. I saw him take clients calls on vacation. He was invested in their success. He helped them out when they had bad years and rejoiced when the loans he gave helped turn their businesses around.

That collaboration and engagement in his attitude runs through my veins. I have a vested interest in your growth and progress. Maybe not the way my father did, but I will continue to provide extra hands, services, development, and consulting for you. At the end of the day, work is only one piece of the pie that makes you – you. But when I see you win, I win. Seeing your business succeed is also my success and I am 100% invested in seeing your goals achieved.

Vesst Today

Today, Vesst is a team of independent contractors working together to design, create, and build your brand with you. We are headquartered in Bryan, OH but extend to Columbus, OH, Toledo, OH and allll the way to Canada! We look forward to connecting with you sometime, so reach out!